Artist Bio

Mila Moldenhawer is a visual artist born and based in Berkeley, CA. He creates art for all different objects, surfaces, and places. He currently maintains a daily studio practice in which he works on everything from the miniature to the massive, making stickers and murals as well as tables and tattoos. He loves to take on a wide array of projects and expand his artistic repertoire. 



Artist Statement

Mila’s work is often characterized by bold, brightly tinted-solid color schemes. Throughout the process of creation leads him to flow between hard edges, and soft blends in order to formulate a perfect balance between rigidity and fluidity. Much of his work has a playful yet calculated quality. His portraits use fragmented shapes, uncanny figures and flamboyant colors to explore gender and its ambiguity in indirectly queer ways.




Mila Moldenhawer

b.1996 Berkeley, CA.

Based in Oakland, CA.


2021 |  B.A. in Art practice and Sociology from University of California Berkeley


2022 | Orbits - Common Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA


2022 | On Mamas- Good Mother Gallery, Oakland CA

2021 | BARE Magazine - So-so Super Market, Berkeley CA

2021 | Nosei x Mizu Market- Soba Ichi, Oakland CA

2021 | MUSA - Magnolia Brewing, San Francisco CA

2021 | Mother Mold - Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2019 | Smart Bomb- The Legionnaire Saloon, Oakland CA

2019 | Small talk Studio - Classic Cars West, Oakland CA

2019 | Superb - The UC Theatre, Berkeley CA

2019 | Resensitizing -  Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2019 | The___Life of a ___ Space, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley CA

2019 | Night of Cultural Resistance- Multi-Cultural Center, Berkeley CA


2022 | The Midway, San Francisco, CA

2021 | The Grease Diner, Berkeley, CA

2021 | The Rare Barrel Brewery, Berkeley, CA

2020 |  Youth Spirit Artwork, Tiny Home project Oakland, CA



2020 | Creative Practice Studio Fellowship

2020 | Honors Art Program and Studio, University of California B



 2019 | (Text)ture- Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley CA


2019 |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive- Chair of Marketing on Student Committee

2019 |  Art Library Internship- Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2018 |  Ceramics Teacher- Kids’ N Clay, Berkeley, CA


2021| Hardedger|

2021 |  Berkeley Side |

2021| BAMFEST |